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More Change on the Way…

on July 29, 2014

I’m finally starting to feel like things are settling down around here; most of the boxes are unpacked, the pictures are hung, the cars are actually in the garage (instead of piles of…stuff), and I’m even starting to remember which drawers have the silverware and which cabinets hold the coffee cups. It’s starting to feel like “home.”

And now, in less than two weeks, we will have another big change.

As many of you know, we have hosted many exchange students in the past. We hosted kids from France and Spain over the past several summers and this past year we hosted a boy from China for an entire school year. After Steve went home for the summer, we talked as a family about whether we wanted to host another student. With our family facing so many changes (a move!) and it being The Princess’s senior year of high school, we thought about just focusing on our family. While we were debating the issue, and while we were moving…we found out that we had been matched with another Chinese boy! After another family discussion, we all decided that we did want to host one more student. We all feel that our family has a lot to offer…and to learn! It can be such a great experience and we’d really like to have one more great hosting experience before we “retire” from hosting!

In about a week and a half we will be welcoming a 15 year old boy from China who has chosen the American name of Jack – which may get slightly confusing since we already have one “Jack” living in our house (the cat)! We’ve exchanged several emails with Jack and are very optimistic and excited to meet him. He seems very enthusiastic about this new experience and about living in America and with our family. He asked many questions in his emails…and even wished The College Kid Happy Birthday! We know that he likes to swim and play tennis and also plays the guitar.


We have been spending the last few days of summer vacation relaxing in the pool. The College Kid has been working A LOT and The Princess has been taking some tumbling classes and hanging out with friends. She is having her wisdom teeth, all four of them, removed on Thursday. Ouch! She’s not looking forward to that!







The College Kid will be living off campus this year, in a house with two friends, so we’ve been trying to get everything that he will need organized for him…furniture, household items, etc., in addition to the usual school supplies.

I’m also trying to get school supplies together for P and Jack – notebook paper, binders, pencils, locks…whenever I find stuff on sale. I’m trying to get organized, in spite of my house (and my life?) being a disorganized, chaotic mess right now!

I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone by. I guess when you have a move thrown into the middle of the summer, that will happen!


4 responses to “More Change on the Way…

  1. Gigi says:

    Wow! Yes, that is a lot of change! We are also doing the whole “living off campus” thing this year (I’m not thrilled with it). Am planning a trip up the mountain later this week, so I can assess what will work…furniture wise. Am also kicking myself for all the stuff we gave to Goodwill after the move – stuff that he could have used. *sigh*

  2. Sherri Martin says:

    Okay— it has been WAY too long since we’ve caught up!!!! I didn’t even know you sold your place—– I’ll be calling or emailing very soon! Oxoxox

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