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The First Week

on August 26, 2014

The high school kids have completed their first week of school and The College Kid is back at college.

The Princess has been busy with school and cheerleading and dance team practices and lots and lots of homework. She’s also busily researching colleges, trying to winnow down her list before beginning the exhausting application process. She cheered at her first game on Friday…and she was just slightly out of her element, at least until halftime when she, after her tumbling run with the cheerleaders, sprinted off the field to change into her dance team duds and then hot-footed it back onto the field to perform with the dance team. Then she changed again, and cheered the second half of the game. I’m sure it was because of her awesome cheering, but the Spartans won 30-20!











Jack, in addition to attending his first American football game, went on a two day overnight field trip for the entire 9th grade class. They did lots of “team building” activities, swam, went zip lining, and even had paintball contests – which he found just a tiny bit “crazy!” He had fun though. He’s been kept busy trying to get his ipad configured for school (ugh) and just trying to find his way around and understand the acronyms and nicknames the kids and teachers use at the school – the PAC, for example, is the performing arts center, or auditorium/theatre. It can be very confusing when you don’t know your way around to begin with! He’s also trying to understand everyone’s funny accents and speech patterns, plus all the “teen speak” that he is unused to like “hey bro!” Or “Dude! What’s up?” It can all be very confusing…and exhausting!


The College Kid took the last load of his stuff to his new house. He’s been looking for a part-time job, and classes start Thursday. He did take the time to participate in, supposedly, the worlds largest ALS ice bucket challenge at Ripley’s Museum with one of his roommates.





It’s almost frightening how quickly our household has adjusted to being back on a schedule and living our lives dictated by the clock and the calendar.

I miss the lazy days of summer…


2 responses to “The First Week

  1. Gigi says:

    Summer did go freakishly fast this year!

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